April 22 Junior Tournament Results


1 Anna Beth Averett and Brianna Wheeler

2 Morgan Williams and Randilee Gore 

3 Jordan Dodson and Sara Beth Dodson

3 Autumn Byrd and Taylor Gainey


1 Ally Grace Royal and Sarah Pickett

2 Jasmine Wooten and Lauren Adams

3 Caitlyn Holland and Maranda Byrd

3 Gracie Godbold and Kara Walker

5 Zada Dailey and Burneice Perofeta

5 Marlie Horne and Taylor Melvin


1 Cammie Davis and Hanna Wilson

2 Sarah Kirk and Chassie Jacops

3 Mason Godbold and Jenna Hales

3 Zoey Locklear and Mackenzie Carr

5 Brooke Dawkins and Zoey Hairr

5 Madelyn Ammons and Lauren Jackson

5 Courtney Foose and Tristynn Schendel

5 Jordan Dean and Elisabeth Gerke

9 Alyssa James and Mayson Candler

9 Blythe Jackson and Sydney Pennell

9 Alyssa Ray and Rayven Rozier

9 Alexis Chambers and Serenity Wanzy