July 1 Junior Tournament Results


1 Kari Weber and Taylor Hein

2 Annabeth Averett and Brianna Wheeler

3 Lauren Jackson and Krislyn Bullard



1 Ally Grace Royal and Lauren Adams

2 Madelyn Ammons and Peyton Crumpler

3 Sarah Pickett and Hannah Wilson

3 Kara Walker and Anna

5 Taylor Spell and Alyssa Wrench

6 Taylor Melvin and Laila Gunnings

7 Roxanna Bryant and Helen Bass

7 Madison Fisher and Addison Sessoms


1 Jenna Hales and Maranda Byrd

2 Mason Godbold and Zana Barefoot

3 Sarah Kirk and Chassie Jacops

Sarah Harrison and Sydney Pennell

5 Mayson Candler and Elisabeth G

6 Taylor Williams and Chloe Baggett

7 Hallie Atkins and Kamryn Pegram

7 Kayley Bass and Ravyn Rozier

9 Kylie Bush and Priya Subbaraya

Ivey Groves and Krystal Lynch

9 Blythe Jackson and Carrie

9 Alyssa Ray and Cassie Brown


1 Tristynn Schendel and Natalie Bolotn

2 Allyssa Miller and Emma Mischel