June 10 Junior Tournament Results


1 Ally Grace Royal and Lauren Adams

2 Kara Walker and Marnie Hagler

3 Hannah Hewitt and Claire Smith

4 Grayson Thornton and Alyssa Wrench

5 Kaitlyn Jumalon and Erin Carter


1 Zoe Crow and Lillie Seymour

2 Cammie Davis and Gracie Godbold

3 Mason Godbold and Haley Morris

3 Sarah Kirk and Chassie Jacops

5 Marissa Iaeger and Tristynn Schendel

5 Burniece Perofeta and Elisabeth Gerke

7 Sarah Harrison and Sydney Pennell

8 Priya Subbaraya and Rayven Rozier

9 Alexis Chambers and Haley Holt

9 Alyssa Ray and Kylie Bush

11 Ivey Groves and Krystal Lynch

11 Kaley Bass and Blythe Jackson